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19 Varieties for Picking from Late August through November

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Liberty Apple Orchard

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Gone for the season

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Late October


Very sweet with a lively kick; crisp firm and juicy.

Uses: A favorite for eating out of hand, also for pies and sauce


Bright yellow apple with a sweet/tart crunch  
Uses: Delightful and distinctive eating apple

A favorite for decades, "Macs" have a tart flavor and tender white flesh. 
Uses: Suitable for cooking and eating fresh


A perfect balance of sweet-tart taste with a distinctive juicy crunch 
Uses: Principally eating fresh​


Sweet/tart with firm texture.  Bright red color 
Uses:  Eating, baking - an apple butter favorite 


Crisp, juicy, tart off the tree - mellows with storage.  Includes McIntosh in its parentage, but sweeter.  Similar to Jonathan.

Uses: Eating, sauce, pies, baking and salads


A large red apple over snow white flesh.  Very juicy and mildly tart.  Will not turn brown when used in salads

Uses:  Eating, baking, salads (does not brown quickly)


Fine textured, crisp and juicy.  Rich complex flavor. 

Uses:  Eating, pies, sauces.  One of the best for pies and apple butter

Fuji ("September Wonder"):

Very sweet and aromatic flavor off the tree, grows in richness after picking.  Crisp and juicy.  One of the best for storage.

Uses: Eating, salads, pies, baking, freezing


Bright and crisp, Ultragold is beautifully sweet and consistently rated as one of the finest culinary apples


Rich sweet/tart combination.  Very crisp, firm, and juicy.

Uses: Considered to be one of the best eating apples


Good 'n' juicy!  Sweet, tropical and fruity - some say like Juicy Fruit gum!
Uses:  Fresh eating​


Spicy aromatic flavor with mild tartness; flavor grows with storage. Outstanding storage capabilities.

Uses:  All purpose apple for eating, baking, sauces, juice/cider


Very sweet with a crispness like Honeycrisp only firmer

Known for storability
Uses:  Fresh eating, salads, baking


A large, very sweet golden apple with a pink blush

Uses:  excellent for eating, baking

Fuji ("Super Red"):

Sweet, crisp and juicy!  Fruit has a rich, deep, scarlet color that is gorgeous in salads.  Will keep for months in proper storage.

Uses: Fresh eating, salads, baking, freezing


Tart off the tree, becomes sweeter with storage while maintaining its sprightliness and crunch.

Uses:  Eating, sauce, pies, apple butter and juice/cider (especially in combination with Enterprise)

Pink Lady:

An excellent Australian dessert apple - sweet/tangy with a floral, honey finish
Uses:  Fresh eating, baking, salads (does not brown quickly) 

Granny Smith:

Very tart and crisp.  this bright green apple is a late season favorite.

Uses:  Baking, eating - great with caramel dip!